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The High Penetration STAGTM Severe Duty Rock Bucket
From Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.®

US Patent # 8,966,791

Staggered Edge Stag Bucket

Stag Rock Bucket for tough digging conditions

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Available in the above shown 2-3-1-4 arrangement, or the below shown 1-2-3-4 arrangement.

Stag BucketStag Bucket Logo  

Focuses entire breakout force on one point for huge penetration forces due to patent pending "Staggered Tooth" technology

Easily dig compacted soils, coral, shale, caliche, stratefied materials, shot rock or frozen ground (frost)
Teeth lie on a plane allowing easy construction of flat trench bottoms
Less expensive severe duty rock bucket, than other rock ripping buckets
Available for any excavator 11,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds.
Made in USA using T1 alloy steel and the powerful MTG KingMet Teeth

How do I benefit?

The Stag Bucket saves you time and money!

It lets you do what you couldn't do before!

It increases the penetration of your machine!

How does it do this?

The staggered shanks on the leading edge hit one at a time allowing the maximum breakout to be applied to each tooth. 

Why should I believe that it works?

These products have been proven over the past 6 years and have been granted a leters patent in the US. Many customers have claimed this is a fantastic bucket. Please see the endorsements

Below is the LEA severe duty backhoe size STAG Rock Bucket for 11-16K size backhoes and excavators

 LEA Backhoe STAG BucketLEA Backhoe STAG Rock BucketLEA Backhoe STAG Rock Bucket          

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. now offers the patent pending "STAG" Rock Bucket which is a new style, high penetration rock bucket utilizing the "Staggered Tooth" technology, and is designed for excavators allowing the operator to easily dig compacted soils, coral, shale, calachie, stratefied materials, shot rock or frozen ground with higher concentrated breakout force for a price that is lower than our award winning Multi-Ripper Bucket. The STAG Rock Bucket allows the operator to focus the excavators full breakout force on one tooth at a time. Creating flat trench bottoms is easy with this new bucket also because the teeth are all on the same plane, similar to a conventional bucket.
Conventional buckets have the teeth mounted on and edge so that all of the teeth engage the material at the same time, thus sharing the load and decreasing the breakout force. The LEA STAG severe duty Rock Bucket creates high penetration due to the fact that one tooth is engaged at a time. The operator uses this bucket in tough digging conditions allowing the forces to be transmitted to fewer teeth, thus saving energy and increasing performance, while still being able to shave the bottom of a trench flat, similar to a conventional bucket.
The severe duty STAG Rock Bucket is manufactured in USA using T1 alloy steel and the powerful MTG KingMet Systems teeth, and is available to fit any excavator from 22,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds. The award winning Multi-Ripper Teeth are also available for some models to provide even more penetration.

Below is the original "angled edge" 1-2-3-4 arrangement STAG Bucket

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LEA STAG Rock Bucket

The Stag Bucket is also available as a Stag DigNRip Bucket as shown below

Stag DigNRip Bucket

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All Multi-Ripper and Stag Products are available with MTG Systems Teeth and Adapters.
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email sales@leattach.com for more information
or call us to discuss your special application 508-829-4855

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