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US Patent Number 7,322,133
Canadian Patent Number 2,521,725
Mexican Patent Number 272,981
Patents Granted and Pending in many other countries

sharc technology

Spinning Multi-Ripper Rake
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1.    What is a Multi-Ripper Rake?  Designed to handle severe raking and imbedded rock removal jobs, the Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper Rake™ is another engineering breakthrough based on the previously developed staggered shank Multi-Ripper™ technology. The new Multi-Ripper Rake can be used for a wide range of tough material applications such as land clearing, tilling, rock and root clearing, stump removal, demolition, material sifting and certain ripping applications. This unique patent pending staggered tine design has demonstrated to be more effective in tough applications. The new Multi-Ripper Rake is available to fit any excavator or backhoe from 11,000 to 100,000 pounds.

2.    How Leading Edge Attachment, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper Rake Works:  The Multi-Ripper Rake utilizes the patent pending SharcTM Technology which results in the unit functioning similarly to that of a trencher except it uses the hydraulic excavator rolling action to rip, lift and break up tough ground, roots and rocks. The staggered tine tips break up the hard ground in sequential order. No two tines align with each other, so that the maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tine. The distance from the excavator stick pivot to the tine tips is also considerably shorter than the standard bucket for the machine. The shorter distance actually multiplies the tine tip force. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper Rake, by extending the bucket cylinder, always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tine so that the bank material is ripped out by each individual tine lifting action. The result is a relatively flat tilled constant depth due to the fact that the tine tips all lie on a constant radius with a center of rotation that is close to the tractor loader backhoe or hydraulic excavator “dipper stick” bucket pivot. The multiple tines also can be used to push the loosened material out of the way to expose the un-tilled material. The tines are constructed from thick, long wearing AR400 steel. The Multi-Ripper Rake will function, and greatly exceed, any application, or material, that a conventional excavator rake can be used for.

3.    Multi-Ripper Rake Operating Procedure:  With the stick in the near vertical position, use a combination of bucket and crowd cylinder functions while providing boom cylinder down pressure. The bucket cylinder action provides the greatest force while the stick sweeps. Since no two tines are in alignment, when the Ripper-Rake is rolled, each tine engages separately so that each tine tills adjacent to the groove cut by the preceding tine. Roll the Multi-Ripper Rake completely as the stick is being moved so that all tines have engaged the material. The Multi-Ripper Rake is to be rolled as the stick is moved, thus causing a very powerful, fast and effective tilling/ripping motion that is easy on the machine and operator.

4.    What makes this product different from its competitors?  The Multi-Ripper(R) Rake is different from anything on the market. There is no excavator rake that has multiple tines staggered and on an arc so that each tine hits individually. The closest products on the market in function, that the Multi-Ripper Rake will outperform or replace is a powered rake that typically is used on a different type of machine. There simply is no other excavator mechanical rake that compares.

5.    Product Specifications and Weight: Specifications for a typical 45,000 pound excavator are as follows: 1630 pounds, 48” wide with (5) 2” thick AR400 tines, 9.5” between tines,  35” dig depth, tip to pivot is 44.” Call for other class size specifications.

Below Shows The Straight Rake Which is Also Available
Straight Rake

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