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Fang RakeTM


  This pin-on rake is designed to be of the same heavy duty quality as the Multi-Rippers! The tines are thick and spaced so that there are no cross members to block the smaller debris from falling through.  These rakes are good for sifting through debris and rubble from demolition or ripping roots and rocks for land clearing.  When used in conjunction with one of our thumbs, the rake has a similar function as a grapple. These rakes can be made for any size backhoe or excavator above 11,000 pounds and can be manufactured to have replaceable teeth for an additional fee.

Rakestraight rake

No cross members
High strength armor plate construction
With or without teeth

Fang Rake From Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Winner of Top 50 Products of the Year
of 2017 Awards from "Equipment Today Magazine"

Straight RakeLEA Straight Rake
LEA Straight RakeLEA Straight Rake


Fang Rake from Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Fang Rake excavator and backhoe rake

Fang Rake with Bill Moryl of Lyrom Services

The above photo is of Bill Moryl of Lyrom Services LLC of Ware, MA

using the Fang Rake with a thumb on his John Deere 50 Mini-Excavator


We also offer our excavator and backhoe

Rock Sifting Rake

LEA Rock Rake

and our

Quick Change Rake Tool

     This tool is not new to the industry; however, it is new to the line up of available attachments to fit Cat Pin-Lock or Wain Roy style couplers. The new Quick Change Rake also increases the capabilities of the backhoe or small hydraulic excavator for many applications! The new Rake Tool will quickly attach to any similar style Quick Change coupler and is very handy for land clearing, removing rocks, small stump removal, waterway weed removal or any general sifting application. The QC Rake is inexpensive and is ideal for many small clearing applications and is very useful when used with a thumb.

QC Rakesifting rake

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