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US Patent Number 7,322,133
Canadian Patent Number 2,521,725
Mexican Patent Number 272,981
Patents Granted and Pending in many other countries

   Multi-Ripper Bucket
Sharc Technology

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Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230

See below how the rock trench looks like a trencher did the job.
Just think how much money can be saved.
This is hard limestone in Waco Texas:

Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230
Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230

Below is shown a Multi-Ripper™ Bucket for a Komatsu PC35 Mini Excavator

Multi-Ripper Bucket JD230Multi-Ripper BucketMRB B

Below is shown a Multi-Ripper
(R) Bucket to fit on the Volvo S3 coupler (no longer available):


Below is shown a Multi-Ripper Bucket with ESCO Teeth, also available

Multi-Ripper Bucket With ESCO Teeth

Below are shown som units with MTG KingMet teeth:

Multi-Ripper Production

Below is one of the original designs of the  Multi-Ripper Bucket
for a larger excavator:

Multi-Ripper Bucket

Below is a Multi-Ripper Bucket digging through tough rock in Panama:

Multi-Ripper Bucket in Panama 1Multi-Ripper Bucket in Panama 2

How do I benefit?

The Multi-Ripper Bucket Multi-plies Your Money!

It lets you do what you couldn't do before!

It increases the effective size of your machine!

How does it do this?

These products rip rock up to 4 times faster than a hammer. They rip 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper. They greatly exceed all other designs of frost rock, or ripper buckets on the market. They rip to all depths leaving relatively flat bottom and side walls in the trench. The staggered shanks on an arc hit one at a time allowing the maximum breakout to be applied to each tooth. The tooth force is about 8.5 times that of a standard 5 tooth bucket because the shanks are short. Also, the shanks are the same distance from the stick pivot, so the shanks rip a relatively flat bottom.

Why should I believe that it works?

These products have been proven over the past 13 years and have been granted leters patents in the US and in many countries throughout the world. These designs won several design awards. Many customers have claimed this is the best attachment I've ever bought. See the endorsements

Nominated for the 2006 NOVA Award
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Breaks rock and frost 4 times faster than a hammer,
at a fraction of the cost.

Rips the sides and bottom of the trench flat
with no depth limitation.


I had all of the rock broken out with a jack hammer one day before "The Bucket" came in. It took (3) Five day  weeks, (15) 12hr. days. The site was in East Naples Fl. Now we are back in the same geographical area, one mile from the previous site mentioned here in. Same size hole, same rock formation, same thickness. With "The Bucket" it took (3)10 hr. days. The rock we are talking about is called Cap Rock, the hardest rock in Florida. Before I got this bucket, even after reading all the testimonies, I was still skeptical. Now I can tell you this is a Bad Ass bucket.

Andrew Bell of Andrew Bell, Inc., P.O. Box 809, Ocoee, FL 34761 with a John Derre 330LC

Multi-Ripper Bucket  Force Comparison

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1.    What is a Multi-Ripper Bucket?  Designed to handle severe frost and rock removal jobs, the Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper Bucket™ is an engineering breakthrough that works on the same principal as the award winning Multi-Ripper! Just like the Multi-Ripper, the Multi-Ripper Bucket can be used for a wide range of tough material applications such as excavating frozen ground, coral, sandstone, limestone, shale, decomposed granite and caliche. This unique patent pending design has demonstrated that it can dig faster than using a single pointed ripper tooth. Under severe digging conditions, the performance also exceeds other designs of frost, rock, Vee-trenching, DigNRip™ Buckets, or other styles of ripper bucket combinations. The Multi-Ripper Bucket is the absolute best and most productive ripper bucket combination available on the market! The new Multi-Ripper Bucket is available to fit any excavator or backhoe above 11,000 pounds.

2.    How Leading Edge Attachment, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper Bucket Works:  The Multi-Ripper Bucket is similar to the Multi-Ripper and utilizes the patent pending SharkTM Technology which results in the unit functioning similarly to that of a trencher except it uses the hydraulic excavator rolling action to rip. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order. No two ripper teeth align with each other, so that the maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tooth. The distance from the excavator stick pivot to the tooth tips is also shorter than the standard bucket for the machine. The shorter distance actually multiplies the tooth tip force. The castle top shape grooves cut by the front ripper teeth facilitates the fracturing process of the next swipe. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper Bucket, by extending the bucket cylinder, always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tooth so that the substrate is ripped out by each individual tooth lifting action. The result is a relatively flat trench bottom due to the fact that the ripper tooth tips all lie on a constant radius with a center of rotation that is close to the tractor loader backhoe or hydraulic excavator “dipper stick” bucket pivot. Due to the leading edges and the back-sheets, the Multi-Ripper Bucket can also scoop material, thus eliminating the need to switch back to a bucket for clean up. The Multi-Ripper Bucket will function, and greatly exceed, any application, or material, that a single pointed ripper tooth can be used for.

3.    Multi-Ripper Bucket Operating Procedure:  With the stick in the near vertical position, use a combination of bucket and crowd cylinder functions while providing boom cylinder down pressure. The bucket cylinder action provides the greatest force while the stick sweeps. Since no two teeth are in alignment, when the Multi-Ripper Bucket is rolled, each tooth engages separately so that each tooth fractures the groove cut by the preceding tooth. Roll the Multi-Ripper Bucket completely as the stick is being moved so that all teeth have engaged the material. The Multi-Ripper Bucket is to be rolled as the stick is moved, thus causing a very powerful, fast and effective ripping and scooping motion that is easy on the machine and operator and is highly effective.

Multi-Ripper SHARC Operating Procedure

4.    What makes this product different from its competitors?  The Multi-Ripper Bucket™ is different from anything on the market. There is no excavator ripper bucket combination that has multiple shanks staggered and on an arc so that each tooth hits individually. The closest products on the market in function, that the Multi-Ripper Bucket will outperform or replace are other ripping bucket designs similar to the LEA DigNRip™ Bucket, or the single pointed ripper.
a.    The Multi-Ripper Bucket is More Productive than the Vee Trenching Bucket, the DigNRip bucket designs or the ripper bucket combination designs, because it is more like a ripper than a bucket! The Multi-Ripper Bucket has only three teeth that engage one tooth at a time. There is no other bucket that engages throughout its travel while engaging one tooth at a time. The DigNRip style has teeth on the corners of the bucket that engage at the same time and thus effectively cut down on the ripping force by a factor of two! No other bucket has this ripping ability!

b.    The Multi-Ripper Bucket greatly out produces the single-pointed ripper because it can rip and scoop the broken material out of the way at the same time! Not only are the forces higher and there are more teeth to rip, but there is now a way to scoop the material out of the way to expose virgin material. The process of switching back and forth from the ripper to the bucket can be time consuming in some applications. It is obvious that the Multi-Ripper Bucket is at least three times faster than a single pointed ripper because it has three teeth; however, it is actually 10 times faster because of the force multiplication, the multiple teeth, and its ability to scoop the material out of the way.

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Please know that adding extra plates or adding hard-facing is not necessary, and not recommended. Hard-facing can actually cause damage to the HARDOX material by inducing tiny cracks in the material, and will thus void our warranty. If any welding is required or desired, please contact LEA, Inc. Engineering for the special HARDOX welding procedure.

All Multi-Ripper Products are now available with MTG Systems Teeth and Adapters.

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