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The Excavator Multi-Ripper(R)!
US Patent Number 7,322,133
Canadian Patent Number 2,521,725
Mexican Patent Number 272,981
Patents Granted and Pending in many other countries

.sharc technology

Winner of Construction Equipment Magazine's Top 100 Products of 2003
Awarded Construction Site News Top 25 Products of 2003
Nominated for the NOVA Award 2006

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multi-ripper Tool multi ripper

Breaks rock and frost 4 times faster than a hammer, at a fraction of the cost.

Rips the sides and bottom of the trench flat
with no depth limitation.

The picture below shows a Cat 330ME Multi-Ripper with
KingMet Double Vector Teeth.

Multi-Ripper With KingMet Teeth

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Video Clips
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Multi-Ripper on Linkbelt 330LXRipped Limestone

    These two videos show a Linkbelt 330LX ripping hard limestone near Austin Texas (courtesy of Bob Henry, Central Texas Equipment)
LEA Multi-Ripper

This video shows a Multi-Ripper working in Australia for Delta Rents.

Multi-Ripper in Frost

This video shows a John Deere 80 ripping through the top layer of the four foot deep frost

Spinning Multi-RipperMulti Ripper Linkage

QC multi-ripper Toolqc multi rippermulti-ripper on coupler

Wain-Roy Version shown at left   

Multi-Ripper is four times as productive as a hydraulic hammer!
The images below are of the Multi-Ripper easily chewing through solid limestone in Texas.

Multi-Ripper On Cat 320Multi-Ripper Ripping Limestone

Multi-Ripper Side ViewMulti-Ripper With LimestoneMulti-Ripper On Machine

Please notice in the image below, the Multi-Ripper easily went through a block of solid concrete. Notice that the lighter center portion is solid concrete.
Also notice the ladder for size reference.

Multi-Ripper Thru Concrete

The image below shows a Multi-Ripper mounted on a Cat 303CR mini-excavator

Cat 303CR With Multi-Ripper

The image below on the left shows the poor results
a Cat 315 with a conventional single pointed ripper can do
 on frozen ground in 30 minutes.
The image below on the right shows the superior results
 a much smaller Cat 303CR mini-excavator can do with a Multi-Ripper
 in the same amount of time.
(photos courtesy of  Thomas Campbell, Kane County Construction)

Cat 315 Single Point Ripper TrenchCat 303CR Multi-Ripper Trench

The below images show a John Deere 80 easily ripping through frozen ground.

Multi-Ripper F1.GIF (70301 bytes) Multi-Ripper F2.GIF (69843 bytes) Multi-Ripper F3.GIF (73241 bytes) Multi-Ripper F5.GIF (89190 bytes)

The Multi-Ripper  can easily rip out a stump, or , rip-up the stump as shown below.

We also offer a "Middle Tine" version for use with a thumb!

LEA Multi-Ripper Stump C.GIF (96058 bytes) MR Stump Video.gif (1847422 bytes) LEA Multi-Ripper Stump F.GIF (95232 bytes) 

Multi-Ripper ProductionMulti-Ripper Production

Please look closely at the next three Cat 375 Multi-Ripper pictures
and notice the supurb manufacturing

Excavator Multi-Ripper Cat 375Excavator Multi-Ripper Cat 375

Excavator Multi-Ripper Cat 375

The following is a 4 shank Cat 5110 Multi-Ripper ready to ship:

Cat 5110 Multi-Ripper

Below is an example of a Hitachi EX1200 Multi-Ripper

LEA EX1200 Multi-Ripper

Testimonial #1:
 “I am very pleased with your new ripper! .. I like it! ... It Kicks butt! ...There is nothing else like it! I like the cost effectiveness of it! … It is well built! The short throw gives you more power! You also don’t have to look through a bucket! …”

 Mark Sutphen, D&E Excavating, Fountain Hills, AZ

Testimonial #2:
“It is a Godsend to me, a real blessing! …I really like it! ….It peals through the caliche like butter! …..I can do two houses in one day instead of one house by using a hammer! …and it costs a lot less to use this tool! ..I can see through the teeth , I can dig around utilities! …..It also really saves on wear and tear of the machine! This tool is less abusive on the machine than a rock bucket or a hammer. ..There is a big difference!

 Scott Lambdin, Bulldog Excavating Co., Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial #3:
"It works better on frost than anything that I have seen!"

Ed Csenge, Keene, NH

APO Horo 1APO Horo 2

    A.P. O’Horo Company, of Youngstown Ohio, recently purchased one of the “Multi-Rippers(R)” from Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. for their John Deere 270 excavator. Jerry Bailey, a project manager for A.P. O’Horo working on a $7.2 million dollar highway widening and interchange project for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) said about the Multi-Ripper: “it works awesome! The solid sandstone mass on either side of the roadway is kind of odd for our region. It’s hard stuff! There are no seams in it. It is not fragmented at all! We can’t blast because we are too close to the road and utilities. The only alternative would have been to use a hoe-ram. Using a hoe ram would have been only 50% as fast as the Multi-Ripper. Now we can work a lot faster, maybe even more than that! Not only that, we have eliminated the need to have another machine and operator working because otherwise we would have to break it out with the hoe-ram mounted on one excavator and then clean up with a bucket on another machine. With the Multi-Ripper we can rip up the sandstone, and with our quick coupler, change back to a bucket for clean up, all with one machine and operator! On this project we have been using the Multi-Ripper everyday for the waterline, storm drainage and sanitary installations. I only wish that we wouldn’t have waited so long to give it a try.”

     When asked “If there was one comment that you would use to tell someone else about the Multi-Ripper, what would it be?” Jerry replied with one comment to others: "don't wait... it's the real deal!"

1.    What is a Multi-Ripper?  Designed to handle the more severe frost and rock removal jobs, the Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper(R) is an engineering breakthrough! The Multi-Ripper can be used for a wide range of tough material applications such as excavating frozen ground, coral, sandstone, limestone, shale, decomposed granite and caliche. This unique patent pending design has demonstrated that it can dig 10 times faster than using a single pointed ripper tooth, and 4 times faster than a hydraulic hammer! Under severe digging conditions, the performance also exceeds other designs of frost, rock or DigNRip™ Buckets. This design is also a mining industry breakthrough for the purpose of wall and roof rock scaling! All Multi-Ripper Products are manufactured with superior Swedish HARDOX 400 steel plate. The Multi-Ripper is the absolute best and most productive ripper available on the market! The Multi-Ripper is available to fit any excavator or backhoe above 6,000 pounds.

2.    How Leading Edge Attachment, Inc.’s Multi-Ripper Works:  The Multi-Ripper utilizes the patent pending SHARCTM Technology which results in the unit functioning similarly to that of a trencher except it uses the hydraulic excavator rolling action to rip. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order. No two ripper teeth align with each other, so that the maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tooth. The distance from the excavator stick pivot to the tooth tips is also considerably shorter than the standard bucket for the machine. The shorter distance actually multiplies the tooth tip force. The castle top shape grooves cut by the front ripper teeth facilitates the fracturing process of the next swipe. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper, by extending the bucket cylinder, always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tooth so that the substrate is ripped out by each individual tooth lifting action. The result is a relatively flat trench bottom due to the fact that the ripper tooth tips all lie on a constant radius with a center of rotation that is close to the tractor loader backhoe or hydraulic excavator “dipper stick” bucket pivot. The multiple teeth also push the loosened material out of the way to expose un-ripped material. The Multi-Ripper will function, and greatly exceed, any application, or material, that a single pointed ripper tooth can be used for.

3.    Multi-Ripper Operating Procedure:   With the stick in the near vertical position, use a combination of bucket and crowd cylinder functions while providing boom cylinder down pressure. The bucket cylinder action provides the greatest force while the stick sweeps. Since no two teeth are in alignment, when the Multi-Ripper is rolled, each tooth engages separately so that each tooth fractures the groove cut by the preceding tooth. Roll the Multi-Ripper completely as the stick is being moved so that all teeth have engaged the material. The Multi-Ripper is to be rolled as the stick is moved, thus causing a very powerful, fast and effective ripping motion that is easy on the machine and operator. The ripping action is so powerful that it is very important that the operator take safety precautions against projected objects, especially with brittle materials such as frost and certain rock. For this type of material, hard hats, safety glasses and an excavator steel mesh windshield guard are all necessary requirements.

Multi-Ripper SHARC Operation Procedure

4.    What makes this product different from its competitors?   The Multi-Ripper™ is different from anything on the market. There is no excavator ripper that has multiple shanks staggered and on an arc so that each tooth hits individually. The closest products on the market in function, that the Multi-Ripper will outperform or replace is the hydraulic hammer, ripping buckets or designs similar to the LEA DigNRip™ Bucket, or the single pointed ripper.
a.    The Multi-Ripper can replace all hydraulic hammer applications where there is fragmented rock or frozen ground!   For these tough applications, the Multi-Ripper is superior to a hydraulic hammer for the following reasons:
i.    The Multi-Ripper is 4 times faster than a hydraulic hammer. Because the hydraulic hammer has one speed (tink-tink-tink), the amount of material breaking is at one rate. With the Multi-Ripper, after one tooth breaks out some material, the second tooth is there ready to strike, and then the third. With the combination of the rolling of the bucket cylinder and the raking of the stick cylinder, the operation becomes very fast. Many operators have testified that for use in fragmented rock like caliche, limestone, shale, decomposed granite and similar materials, that the Multi-Ripper outperforms the hydraulic hammer 4 to 1!

ii.    The operator does not have to clean up until the material is broken out. With a hydraulic hammer, as the material is broken out it sits there on top of the work area. As the loosened material accumulates, a machine with a bucket has to come in to clean up. With the Multi-Ripper, the shanks flip the loosened material out of the way until the whole trench ripping operation is complete. The area can then be rapidly cleaned up afterward with a conventional bucket, so you only have to switch attachments once!

iii.    The Multi-Ripper is cheaper to operate than a hydraulic hammer. A hydraulic hammer requires maintenance. There are multiple hydraulic components, there are hydraulic fittings and hoses, and the tools, or “moil” has to be replaced, there is “down time” with a hydraulic hammer. With the Multi-Ripper there are no moving parts and the teeth are the only wear items. These teeth are usually set up so that they are the same tooth connection as what exists on the excavator bucket itself, so they are readily available.

iv.    The Multi-Ripper is one tenth the price of a hydraulic hammer.
A hammer for an 80,000 pound size class excavator could run between $75,000 and $120,000. The Multi-Ripper price for that machine is only $11,490. The operator can set their machine up with a hydraulic kit for a hydraulic hammer. When those infrequent situations occur when the material is a solid mass that is not fragmented, the operator can rent a hydraulic hammer for that solid portion only. Since the Multi-Ripper will handle the majority of the ledge and fractured rock applications, the hydraulic hammer will be rarely required.

v.    The operator will make more money with the Multi-Ripper than the hydraulic hammer. If one compares the price of the hammer, the maintenance, the down time and the functionality into account, it is easy to see that the Multi-Ripper will net the contractor more income. Even though the operator can charge an additional amount for the use of the hydraulic hammer over the use of a bucket, the operator can still charge more for the use of a Multi-Ripper than for the use of the bucket. Since the Multi-Ripper contractor can work faster than the hydraulic hammer contractor, the Multi-Ripper contractor will be assured more jobs because it will ultimately cost less for the hiring builder.
b.    The Multi-Ripper is superior to the DigNRip Bucket for ripping for several reasons:
i.    The Multi-Ripper has a shorter length. Since the DigNRip Bucket has to have its pin-to-point (tip radius) be similar to a bucket (because it is a bucket) this distance is fairly long. The Multi-Ripper can be much shorter in length which increases the forces on the tips of the teeth. The Multi-Ripper has a force multiplying effect compared to a bucket.

ii.    The Multi-Ripper always has only one tooth engaging at a time. While the DigNRip Bucket has several teeth along the front leading edge that will engage at the same time, the Multi-Ripper never has more than one tooth engaging at one time. This allows the full bucket cylinder force to be exerted on the single tooth. The teeth on the back of the DigNRip Bucket hit one at a time, however, that is only after the front lip has cleared the material.

iii.    The Multi-Ripper visibility is better. With a DigNRip Bucket the operator cannot see through the bucket so they are working blind. With the Multi-Ripper, the operator can see through the shanks to see what they are doing. This works well when ripping around utilities.

iv.    The operator can rip longer with the Multi-Ripper. Because of the multiple shanks, the operator can flip the broken out material out of the way to expose virgin rock. If you compare this to a single pointed ripper or a hammer, the operator would have to switch to a bucket to remove the loosened material. Even with the DigNRip Bucket, one can only rip so far and then they have to scoop the material out because of the limitation of the back of the bucket. With the Multi-Ripper, one can rip the whole trench all the way to the desired level by pushing the loosened material away. Then the operator can come back with a standard bucket afterward for quick cleanup.

v.    The Multi-Ripper costs less. An operator can purchase a Multi-Ripper and a severe duty bucket for less than what a DigNRip Bucket alone would cost.

vi.    The Multi-Ripper is easier on the machine. With the Multi-Ripper, the ripping operation is fairly smooth. As one tooth breaks free, the next tooth is there to pick up the load. With a DigNRip Bucket, the front leading edge hangs up on the material because several teeth become engaged at the same time. Then, when the front leading edge breaks free, the machine lurches forward and drops, then the teeth on the back pick up. Several operators that have used both the Multi-Ripper and the DigNRip Bucket have mentioned this profound effect and smoothness of the Multi-Ripper.
c.    The Multi-Ripper is 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper!
i.    The Multi-Ripper is more powerful than a single pointed ripper! Conventional single pointed rippers are as long as a bucket and have only one tooth! The Multi-Ripper is considerably shorter thus causing the force multiplication effect that can be up to twice the normal breakout force of the machine!

ii.    The Multi-Ripper can move the broken material out of the way! Not only are the forces smaller and there are less teeth to rip, but there is no way to flip the material out of the way to expose virgin material. The process of switching back and forth from the ripper to the bucket can be very time consuming. It is obvious that the Multi-Ripper is at least three times faster than a single pointed ripper because it has three teeth; however, it is actually 10 times faster because of the force multiplication, the multiple teeth, and its ability to move the material out of the way.

Multi-Ripper Force Comparison

How do I benefit?

The Multi-Ripper Multi-plies Your Money!

It lets you do what you couldn't do before!

It increases the effective size of your machine!

How does it do this?

These products rip rock up to 4 times faster than a hammer. They rip 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper. They greatly exceed all other designs of frost rock, or ripper buckets on the market. They rip to all depths leaving relatively flat bottom and side walls in the trench. The staggered shanks on an arc hit one at a time allowing the maximum breakout to be applied to each tooth. The tooth force is about 8.5 times that of a standard 5 tooth bucket because the shanks are short. Also, the shanks are the same distance from the stick pivot, so the shanks rip a relatively flat bottom.

Why should I believe that it works?

These products have been proven over the past 13 years and have been granted leters patents in the US and in many countries throughout the world. These designs won several design awards. Many customers have claimed this is the best attachment I've ever bought. See the endorsements

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Please know that adding extra plates or adding hard-facing is not necessary, and not recommended. Hard-facing can actually cause damage to the HARDOX material by inducing tiny cracks in the material, and will thus void our warranty. If any welding is required or desired, please contact LEA, Inc. Engineering for the special HARDOX welding procedure.

All Multi-Ripper Products are available with MTG Systems Teeth and Adapters
KingMet LogoKingMet Teeth

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