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The CompachydermTM
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US Patent Number 8,021,079
The CompachydermTM is a compactor device for attaching to a shaft of a hydraulic hammer for compacting all materials, such as dirt, sand, and/or aggregate material. This new product effectively converts your hydraulic hammer into a powerful compactor! The changeover is easy and the cost is comparatively low.

Compachyderm Compactor Attachment
Compachyderm Compactor Attachment
Compachyderm Compactor Attachment
Compachyderm Compactor Attachment

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Hydraulic hammers are used for breaking up materials such as concrete, asphalt, rocks, clay, and dirt. Compactors (e.g., tampers) are used for compacting those materials. Compactors are used extensively, but current models cannot compact all materials. For example, wheel compactors are for compacting dirt only, not sand or aggregate material. Hydraulic vibratory plates are for compacting sand and aggregate materials, not dirt.

The CompachydermTM  features a compactor device for compacting any material such as dirt, sand, aggregate material, or any combination. The compacting device can be attached to a hydraulic hammer allowing an operator to temporarily convert a hydraulic hammer into a compactor without changing attachments. The device is offered in a variety of sizes so as to accommodate a user's need. For example, a 4 inch plate can be used for a 4 inch trench, a 36 inch plate can be used for a 36 inch trench, and so on. The compactor device of the present invention may allow a user to temporarily convert a jackhammer into a device for compacting all types of materials.

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