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           Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. is the design leader of excavator frost and rock ripper attachments. The company is a Massachusetts Corporation and has been showing steady growth designing and offering attachments and couplers for tractor loader backhoes and hydraulic excavators for the construction equipment industry since it was founded in January of 2002. Our sales and engineering facility located in Jefferson Massachusetts, and Hubbardston, Massachusetts is equipped with state of the art computer aided design equipment to quickly meet our customers' needs. The manufacturing facility located in Central Wisconsin, is staffed with manufacturing experts knowledgeable in heavy fabrication and manufacturing techniques for the construction equipment industry.

At Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. we pride ourselves in being able to design and deliver high quality construction equipment that greatly increases the versatility of the backhoe or hydraulic excavator. Our couplers and attachments were developed by working closely with contractors to make product changes in order to satisfy their needs. Because of this working development, along with our many years of engineering and construction equipment background, we are able to design and produce the highest quality, most durable equipment available on the market. We realize that down time costs the equipment owner/operator time and money and as a result, we strive to provide products that do not fail. We continuously seek feedback and suggestions from our customers on ways to improve our products or ideas for new products that make the jobs quicker and easier for the equipment user with minimal maintenance and down time.

The Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. Mission:

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality, innovative and productive construction equipment attachments and couplers on the market. We continuously strive to solve problems for the dealer and the equipment owner, by focusing on being the leader in the industry in equipment productivity.

 We are looking for opportunities to develop your ideas to increase productivity, and to help solve your construction application problems.


The Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. Leadership:

Lee Horton

Lee Horton

Lee Horton, is one of the owners and is the President and Manager of Sales and Engineering. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from Purdue University and a Masters of Business Management (MBA) from Illinois Institute of Technology, and is a licenced Professional Engineer (PE) in Illinois and Massachusetts. Lee has many US and forieign patents that have resulted from working in new product design of construction equipment for over thirty years. He founded Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. in early 2002 with the goal of providing contractors with the highest quality and productive tools available.

Melissa McCarthy of LEA, Inc.

Melissa McCarthy
Sales Manager

Melissa McCarthy started with LEA in July of 2012 as Inside Sales Manager.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Business Management from Fitchburg State University in MA.  Melissa has been in the construction equipment industry for over 11 years in customer relations and providing support to the sales team. 

Duke Arnold of Duke Arnold and Associates

Richard (Duke )Arnold
Southern US States (TX, OK, NM, AR, LA)

Rene Garcia Salazar - Representative of Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Rene Garcia Salazar

Moshe and Ariel Shelly - Representative of Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.     Ariel Shelly with Lee Horton of Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Moshe and Ariel Shelly       Ariel Shelly and Lee Horton

Peter Bekiarov - Representative of Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Peter Bekiarov

Below is our talented engineering intern Zachary Charland with the Skid Steer Cobra Bucket that he designed.

This was one of many designs that he completed last summer using Solidworks.

Zachary Charland - Skid Steer Cobra Bucket

News For Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. Goes to Mount Everest Base Camp!

Mike Carney at Mount Everest

Michael Carney, an investor in, and a board member of Leading Edge Attachments, Inc., hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp.

"There are many challenges to using the LEA attachments here around Mount Everest.

- There is not much automation here, like none, everything is done by hand.

- The trails are only suitable for people, yaks, and horses. No bikes, or any motorized vehicles are capable of using the trails leading up to base camp.

- Getting the heavy attachments here must be done by helicopter.

I have no doubt that LEA attachments could be used here but it may be many years before changes are made to make this happen."

Picture below is of Base Camp rocks and ice, that would be easily handled by LEA attachments

Mount Everest Rock Type

Woods Wain Roy CF Alitec Gannon

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